Traditional World Foods (TWF) has established itself not only as an exclusive distributor of premium brands from around the world but also as an effective "Brand Builder" capable of developing and enhancing their market presence in France. For its partners, TWF represents an extraordinary opportunity to expand their reach in France, thanks to a combination of experience, expertise, and an extensive distribution network.

TWF: The Leading French Distributor for the Development and Promotion of Italian Brands

For over 35 years, TWF has been synonymous with quality and authenticity in the French food market. Based in Wasquehal, in the Lille metropolitan area, TWF has established itself as the exclusive distributor of premium brands and products from around the world, offering French consumers a true culinary journey. In 2024, the company achieved a new milestone by becoming the exclusive distributor in France for three iconic Italian brands: Mulino Bianco, Pavesi, and Monari Federzoni.

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TWF continuously selects and researches new products, with a focus on Italian brands, to differentiate its offerings with high-quality food and beverages and to promote producers who offer the finest Italian culinary tradition.

distributore esclusivo Francia: Mulino Bianco e Pavesi

TWF: Brand Building Services

TWF is not just a distributor but a true "Brand Builder," with a long-term vision and excellence in sales and marketing. The services offered include brand marketing, category management, market analysis through major retail panels (IRI, Nielsen, Kantar), national and regional negotiations, sales forecasting, promotional and POS activities, inventory management, logistics, and customs handling.

The company boasts highly skilled teams in communication and design, capable of developing value-added services such as pack design creation, label development and translation, photography and video production, tutorials, branding, PR, social media management, and trade show organization.

esempio 1: display di prodotti nel settore retail

In particular, the value-added services offered to producers include:

  • Brand marketing and category management: developing marketing strategies to enhance brand visibility and value.
  • Market analysis and sales data survey (IRI, Nielsen, Kantar): using market analysis and sales data to guide marketing strategies.
  • Negotiation management for product placement: handling negotiations for product placement at national and regional levels.
  • Sales forecasting and promotions: creating accurate sales forecasts and developing promotional campaigns and point-of-sale activities to improve product visibility and appeal.
  • Inventory and logistics management: ensuring efficient inventory control and logistics handling.

Market Coverage

esempio 2: display marchio italiano nel settore retailTWF has extensive market coverage in France, serving the foodservice sector, wholesalers, cash & carry, e-commerce, and specialty food stores.

Additionally, it collaborates with major retail chains such as Carrefour, Leclerc, Intermarché, Système U, and Auchan.

This extensive presence ensures that the products distributed by TWF are easily accessible to consumers throughout France.

The expertise and services developed by TWF allow the distributed brands to fully realize their potential, from foodservice to retail.

Informations e Contacts

Quality and Safety Assurance

Quality is a fundamental pillar for TWF. The company’s QA engineers ensure the traceability of all imported products by providing QA questionnaires, legal regulatory advice, verification of ingredient compliance with EU regulations, and checking French labeling on packaging. This commitment ensures that the distributed products meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

Innovation and Sustainability

TWF is committed to ethical practices, CSR, and sustainability, offering products with clean labels (free from MSG, preservatives, GMOs, artificial colorings, and palm oil). The company promotes a healthy and delicious food profile, featuring a range that includes conventional, vegan, and organic products, certified by IFS, BRC, and EU BIO. The PME+ certification attests to TWF's commitment to developing a socially meaningful and environmentally respectful business, a value increasingly appreciated by French consumers.

Traditional World Foods: Focus on Authentic Italian Brands

In April 2024, TWF signed significant agreements for the exclusive distribution in France of Mulino Bianco and Pavesi. These agreements were celebrated during TWF’s 2024 Annual Sales Convention in Parma and Modena, with the participation of nearly 80 members of the company's sales and marketing teams.

TWF has also become the exclusive distributor of Monari Federzoni products, the second-largest balsamic vinegar brand in Italy and a leader in the United States. This brand, present in over 60 countries, will be introduced to the French market, offering new opportunities for consumers and for the vinegar category.

Development opportunities in the market are offered to small, medium, and large producers, with the aim of building and strengthening their presence and sales across various channels.

distributore esclusivo Monari Federzoni in Francia

Testimonials and Collaborations

During the 2024 Annual Sales Convention, Francesco Del Porto, Global Chief Customer Officer of Barilla, celebrated the new partnerships at events held in Parma and Modena. Sabrina Federzoni, Managing Director of Monari Federzoni, shared her enthusiasm for introducing their products to the French market and collaborating with TWF. Additionally, Ottavio di Canossa, owner of the Canossa brand, expressed his satisfaction with successfully launching bronze-cut instant pasta in France, a novelty that has excited consumers.

distributore esclusivo instant pasta Di Canossa in Francia

Product Range

TWF's portfolio includes a wide variety of food products, both dry and fresh, as well as frozen. Their offerings cover salty snacks, condiments, beverages, pasta, and many other specialties from international cuisines (Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Mexican). This diversity allows TWF to meet the needs of a diverse and increasingly demanding clientele.

Strategies and Commercial Partnerships

Distributore francese di cibo e bevandeTWF is confirmed as an ideal strategic partner for brands seeking to expand into the French market. Offering a comprehensive service that ranges from distribution to brand promotion, TWF ensures quality, innovation, and expertise. This ongoing commitment makes TWF a leading distributor and successful brand builder in the French food landscape, meeting the needs of an evolving food supply chain that is increasingly focused on quality.

Information and Contacts

To request more information and contact TWF as a distributor of food and beverage products in France, visit the Traditional World Foods website or fill out the contact form below.

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