Vivante, the solid balsamic vinegar that can be grated or sliced, represents a revolution in the world of gourmet condiments by combining tradition and innovation. With this flagship product, Saporalia reaffirms its commitment to elevating Italian excellence, offering a creative and versatile culinary experience.

SaporaliaSince 2010, the company has been committed to spreading the best of Italian gourmet food worldwide. By collaborating with small artisans, Saporalia blends tradition and innovation to ensure high-quality products with authentic flavors. Thanks to an efficient distribution network and digital channels, the brand offers authentic specialties while preserving the rich tradition of regional gastronomy.

Among the many products offered (appetizers, truffle specialties, gourmet pasta, sauces and condiments, fine cheeses, premium meats, and cured meats), Vivante stands out for its innovation and versatility.

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All products are selected based on criteria of excellence, catering to the demand for high-quality Italian specialties. For this reason, the Saporalia catalog represents an opportunity for distributors, retailers, and food service businesses looking to differentiate their offerings with unique products.

In the following paragraphs, we will explore the unique characteristics of Vivante, its advantages over traditional condiments, and the numerous ways it can be used, making it a valuable ingredient in the kitchen.

Solid balsamic vinegar: production and characteristics

Vivante is a PGI Balsamic Vinegar of Modena that stands out for its innovative solid form. This product can be grated, sliced, or turned into powder and is available in various foodservice and retail variants.

Aceto Balsamico Solido da grattugiareThe solidification process is completely natural, using agar-agar approved by the Consortium of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PDO. The production method is entirely natural and free of chemical additives, preserving the organoleptic characteristics of traditional balsamic vinegar and its distinctive sweet-and-sour taste with notes of wood and spices from aging.

The PGI certification ensures that Vivante Balsamic Vinegar is produced according to strict quality standards, maintaining the traditions of the Modena region. This label guarantees consumers an authentic and high-quality product.

The innovation of this product has been recognized worldwide, as evidenced by the gold medal received at the 2023 Gulfood Innovation Awards in Dubai.

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Vivante Rosa: a surprising variant

Aceto Balsamico RosaIn addition to the described variants, Vivante is also available in a unique version: Vivante Rosa. This version stands out for its pink color, obtained from selected grapes, and its fruity aromatic profile with delicate peach nuances.

Vivante Rosa can be grated, sliced, or turned into powder, maintaining the same versatility as the other variants. The sweet-and-sour and fruity taste of Vivante Rosa adds a distinctive note to any dish, making it a culinary marvel that goes beyond traditional balsamic vinegar.

Versatility and innovative packaging

The versatility of Vivante Solid Balsamic Vinegar makes it suitable for a wide range of culinary applications. The product can be melted and reshaped, reduced to powder, and crystallized to flavor pasta dishes, risottos, meat, fish, grilled vegetables, and salads. Perfect for adding a refined touch to cheeses, appetizers, fruit, and desserts, Vivante is also excellent for decorating and enhancing gourmet dishes, bringing a touch of creativity to the presentation of courses.

Regarding packaging, the product is packed in transparent PET jars with lids, each individually wrapped in a thin film of food-grade polymer material that preserves its characteristics until use. After removing the film for the first time, it is advisable to store the product in a cool place, away from sunlight, and inside its jar.

Opportunities for distributors, retailers, and restaurants

Designed to meet the needs of various customers, from gourmet restaurants to specialty food stores and final consumers passionate about cooking, Vivante stands out for its uniqueness and high quality. These characteristics make the product easy to promote, as it naturally distinguishes itself in the market, facilitating marketing activities and making it attractive to a wide range of clients.

The video below illustrates the various uses of Vivante, showcasing the versatility and innovation of this special condiment, as well as its ability to enhance different culinary preparations.

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