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Italian Sweets & Bakery products from selected producers and brands. In this marketplace category you can find excellence Italian pastry products, such as traditional panettone, biscuits, cakes, bread and salted bakery.

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Sweets & Bakery


Almonde Paste Cookies With Orange

Sincere genuineness, supreme goodness, amazing ...

Almonde Paste Cookies With Pistachio

Sincere genuineness, supreme goodness, amazing ...

Apricot Corn Tart

Tart with corn flour and apricot preparation

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Italian Sweets and Bakery Products

Sweets and bakery products of the Italian tradition are very requested in both European and Extra–European countries. Thanks to the high quality and traditional methods used to make Italian products, export trend is growing. Typical preparations of Italian bakery and the sweets of holidays, such as panettone and pandoro are much appreciated abroad.

The export of such products, and the communication effort of leading italian producers, enables both importers and retailers to meet the market demands.

Many consumers discovered Italian delicacies during their trips to Italy. Others, on the other hand, are representatives of Italians living abroad and willing to rediscover their roots. Then we have people passionate about Italian cuisine and constantly searching for new flavors and typical products.

Thanks to their energy content and their nutritional intake, bakery products are an ideal food for breakfast, snack or for a delicious end of meal. Each region has kept and passed down its own tradition, providing a relevant contribution to Italian culinary scenery. By using simple and genuine ingredients, confectionary industry offers consumers brewing respecting traditional recipes, offering quality products and guaranteeing hygiene and control.

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