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Caseificio Mongibella

Address: 10/40 Contrada Piana S.N. Strada Provinciale 10, 40, Buccheri 96010, Sicilia, SR, Italy
Dairy Mongibella is a young family-run company, specializing in the processing of milk and the production of high quality cheeses. Each product is prepared according to Sicilian traditions, using fresh and genuine ingredients. » More Info


Address: 10 Via Filippo Marchetti, Marcianise 81025, Campania, CE, Italy
Mobile: +39 389 5822584
Babà17 is the liqueur cream that reflects Naples and its typical sweet, the babà. In addition to the inevitable rum, the real protagonist of this liqueur is the babà. A new way to taste one of the most popular desserts in Italy and abroad. » More Info

Cantine Fici

Address: 5 Via Lipari, Marsala 91025, Sicilia, TP, Italy
Cantine Fici is specialized in the production and sale of table wines, but also special wines such as Marsala, as well as fortified and flavored wines. Each product reflects the ancient flavors of Sicilian winemaking tradition and culture. » More Info


Address: 5 Via Alessandro Volta, Campobello di Mazara 91021, Sicilia, TP, Italy
Tunnaliva is a family-run company specialized in the cultivation of the typical olive trees of the Belice Valley, from which a variety of olive called "Nocellara del Belice" is obtained, and production of monocultivar EVO oil. » More Info

Pennisi - La Dolceria Siciliana

Address: 32 Via A. Ascari, Belpasso 95032, Sicilia, CT, Italy
Pennisi produces typical products of the Sicilian pastry tradition, such as artisan Cannoli and typical sweets. Thanks to over 30 years of experience, the brand Pennisi has become a reference in Italy and also abroad. » More Info

La Tripa 'd Muncalè

Address: 19/1 Via Alba, Moncalieri 10024, Piemonte, TO, Italy
Tripa 'd Muncalè is a family business specialized in the processing of bovine and pork tripe. The raw material comes from Italian farms, thus guaranteeing the quality of the finished product. » More Info

Amaro Gerlando

Address: 119 Via Duca degli Abruzzi, Caltagirone 95041, Sicilia, CT, Italy
The company produces a tasty homemade amaro, with fresh herbs and spices. Each stage of its production, from processing to bottling, is carried out exclusively by hand. » More Info


Address: Contrada Taverna 18 - Strada Provinciale 58, Ferrazzano 86010, Molise, CB, Italy
Shockino is a young Italian company founded in 2014. The brand produces modular chocolate pralines, spreads and chocolate bars, using ingredients of the highest quality, selected from Italian and international specialties. » More Info


Address: 88 Via Casamanna, Casalnuovo di Napoli 80013, Campania, NA, Italy
Valgrì is an Italian company that has been operating in the canned food sector since 1960. Specifically, Valgrì promotes the typical products of the lands of Southern Italy, combining quality and tradition. » More Info


Address: 39 Via Giuseppe Meazza, Casoria 80026, Campania, NA, Italy
Caffen has been producing high quality coffee with an unmistakable taste for over 60 years, respecting the best Neapolitan tradition. » More Info


Address: C.da Atrigna, San Nicola Arcella 87020, Calabria, CS, Italy
Mobile: +39 0985 3955
Laltrapizza is an Italian company that produces pre-baked pizza bases, using natural and carefully selected ingredients. The doughs are worked by hand and then proceed to 60 hours of maturation, in order to obtain an easily digestible product. Laltra » More Info

Villa Colle

Address: Torricella Sicura - frazione Ioanella, Teramo 64010, Abruzzo, TE, Italy
Villa Colle is a winery immersed in the Gran Sasso National Park, in the municipality of Torricella Sicura. The company's flagship product is the Iuara wine, whose production is very limited. » More Info

La Montanara

Address: snc Via Nazionale, Parolise 83050, Campania, AV, Italy
La Montanara is a company specialized in the production of high quality pasta. An Italian excellence recognized also abroad, especially in Germany, USA, Canada and South Korea. The pasta is produced following artisanal processing methods. » More Info

Il Vecchio Forno Sunalle

Address: 10 Via Ogliastra, Fonni 08023, Sardegna, NU, Italy
Il Vecchio Forno Sunalle is a company specialized in the production of "carasau" bread and "guttiau" bread. The production process is entirely followed by a highly qualified and specialized staff. » More Info


Address: Via Leonardo da Vinci, Caltanissetta 93100, Sicilia, CL, Italy
Mobile: +39 331 2745055
Nasonte is a company that produces typical condiments of the Sicilian culinary tradition. The brand, well known on the Italian market, also distributes its specialties abroad, especially in France, Germany, England and Switzerland. » More Info


Address: 39 Via dell' EURO, Barletta 76121, Puglia, BT, Italy
Orsini is an artisan laboratory that produces chocolate, dried fruit pralines and other confectionery products, according to traditional recipes. The careful selection of organic ingredients reflects the high quality of Orsini products » More Info

Molino Braga

Address: 34/11 Via Ponte Rosso, Dello 25020, Lombardia, BS, Italy
Molino Braga is a milling company that is a point of reference for many professionals. The brand deals with the transformation and processing of wheat and other types of cereals, guaranteeing high quality products. » More Info

Farabella Gluten Free

Address: Zona Industriale, Fara San Martino 66015, Abruzzo, CH, Italy
Farabella is a brand of the Company Bioalimenta specializing in the production of over 70 different gluten free pasta and potato gnocchi shapes based in Fara San Martino (Abruzzo), known as the quality pasta "capital". » More Info


Address: 752 C.da Amabilina, Via Salemi, Marsala 91025, Sicilia, TP, Italy
Alagna is a family-run winery with over 70 years of experience. The wines are produced starting from local grapes that can only be grown in Sicily, thanks to the microclimate that characterizes particular areas of the Sicilian region. » More Info


Address: 246 Via Romea Nord, Ravenna 48121, Emilia Romagna, RA, Italy
NeroFermento is an innovative company specialized in the preparation and marketing of agricultural products. Specifically, the company produces Voghiera DOP black garlic. » More Info

Pastificio Maidea

Address: 7 Via Vecchia Scorciosa, Fossacesia 66022, Abruzzo, CH, Italy
The company is specialised in the preparation of Gluten Free products. The Pastifico Maidea produces various shapes of bronze drawn pasta, dried slowly at low temperatures. » More Info


Address: 9 Via A. Volta, Cuneo 12100, Piemonte, CN, Italy
Marabotto produces pasta, mushrooms and condiments typical of the Italian gastronomic tradition. The company offers products with a unique flavor and very original packaging, showing attention to both quality and aesthetics. » More Info


Address: 6 Via Olanda, Petrosino 91020, Sicilia, TP, Italy
Sancarraro is a family-run company. The Anselmi family has been cultivating high quality grapes for generations. Sancarraro wines are the result of the strong bond with their territory. » More Info

Campo D'Oro

Address: C.da Scunchipane, Sciacca 92019, Sicilia, AG, Italy
For over thirty-two years Campo d’Oro has been producing food specialties from the land and the sea in Sciacca in Sicily. The company is immersed in nature, among the scents and colors of the Sicilian countryside. » More Info

APL Cefalù - Bontà di Sicilia

Address: 15 Via Barreca, Cefalù 90015, Sicilia, PA, Italy
APL Cefalù is a Sicilian company that produces digestive and aperitif liqueurs. At the base of these products there is a careful selection of aromatic and officinal herbs. These special ingredients are used according to natural methods and traditions » More Info

Panificio Su Cantaru

Address: snc Località Su Cantaru, Teti 08030, Sardegna, NU, Italy
Panificio Su Cantaru is a family business specialized in the production of Carasau bread. The products are made according to the ancient and traditional recipe, using simple ingredients: durum wheat flour, salt, water and brewer's yeast. » More Info

Terre di Serrapetrona

Address: 7/8 Via Colli, Serrapetrona 62020, Marche, MC, Italy
Terre di Serrapetrona is a family-owned winery. The farm is located in a small town in the Marche region, well known for its Vernaccia Nera, a unique, ancient and precious vine. » More Info

Caffè Trombetta

Address: 132 Via dei Castelli Romani, Pomezia 00071, Lazio, RM, Italy
Caffè Trombetta is an italian coffe producer founded in 1890. Over the years it has become a solid family-controlled industrial reality, becoming a point of reference in the marketing of coffee in Italy and in the main foreign markets. » More Info

Michelis Egidio Srl

Address: 20 Via Vigevano, Mondovì 12084, Piemonte, CN, Italy
Michelis Egidio is an Italian company specialized in the production of dry, fresh and frozen egg pasta, ready-made sauces and baked goods typical of the Piedmontese tradition. » More Info

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