The number of Italian craft beer producers reached a record quota of 1085. The growth recorded in the last ten years has also boosted exports and Global demand, which have seen a 12% increase in the first seven months of 2022. The unstoppable success of the Italian beer sector is confirmed by the analysis conducted by Coldiretti and by the Consortium for the protection of Italian craft beer.

Consumption trend and growth of the supply chain

The development of the brewing sector has increased the demand for raw materials, with positive effects on Italian agricultural production and the brewing chain. Hops, for example, has reached one million square meters cultivated, while 300 million square meters have been allocated for malt production (currently covering 40% of national needs).

According to forecasts, 2022 internal consumption is destined to exceed the historical record of 35 liters per capita for a total of 2 billion liters, generating a turnover volume worth 9.5 billion euros. This confirms how the consumer's choice of craft beer has become more and more conscious over the years. Most consumers know the various types of beer and are attracted by highly distinctive specialties and peculiar varieties.

Furthermore, the study conducted by Coldiretti and the Consortium of Italian Beer showed that most of the products are made by young entrepreneurs who have based their business on innovation, establishing a direct link with the farms for the supply of raw materials (100% Made in Italy). In addition to the certifications of origin, these young companies have implemented their production of highly distinctive specialties, also creating new forms of commercial distribution with tasting events.

All this has favored the birth of new professional figures, such as the professional beer taster. Expert connoisseurs of the different varieties of beer, their characteristics (style, taste, composition, color, flavors, and texture), and possible combinations and pairing with other foods.

Italian Craft Beer: increasing demand in the Global Market

The analysis of the export data recorded in the first seven months of the year leads to a growth assessment of +12%. The two-figure growth represents an export opportunity for Italian companies and an additional resource for importers and distributors of Italian food and beverages, who have a quality product ready for the market, with sales performance that will continue to grow in the coming years.

The Italian craft beer market has reached an important level. Italian producers, as long as international distributors and importers, can look to the future with optimism, promoting their excellence beyond the Italian borders, and reaching significant goals on a global level.

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