The Mediterranean diet and related foods represent a huge marketing opportunity for producers and distributors. Scientific studies highlight its benefits, and market research indicates record demand in the retail and food service sector.

The basic foods of the Mediterranean diet, therefore, enjoy a reputation that shows no signs of diminishing and keeps conquering the international food market. Foreign buyers must be able to meet the growing demand for this type of product, also by seeking authentic Italian food that best represents this healthy and balanced diet. 

The Mediterranean diet is consistently voted the "Best Diet" by experts and scientists around the world. By studying these dietary habits, the researchers have been able to demonstrate positive health effects (improving and protecting heart and brain health, reducing the risk of certain types of cancer, and lowering blood cholesterol levels). The attention of international consumers towards this way of healthy eating is stimulated even more when, in addition to the health aspect, the taste and flavors of these products are also considered. The Mediterranean diet is a lifestyle that does not involve significant sacrifices, as it involves the consumption of delicious and high-quality foods that make a healthy, enjoyable and satisfying diet.

The demands of the international food market

About 10 years ago, Unesco included the Mediterranean diet in the "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity". This recognition helped in making this style of eating, rich in healthy habits and ingredients of unquestionable quality, known worldwide. Italy, with its traditional cuisine, has given an important contribution to the spread of this heritage, becoming one of the reference countries for the Mediterranean diet.

Italian healthy food and Mediterranean diet: where to find authentic Italian products

The strong interest of the international market in Italian products confirms this constantly growing trend. Foreign consumers want to enjoy the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, and to meet this demand, importers and distributors around the world have the opportunity to source directly from Italian producers, and easily find foods that this style of dining offers.

Numerous scientific studies and press releases are constantly published, emphasizing the benefits of the Mediterranean diet. All this information feeds the curiosity and interest of people who want to approach this food habit to safeguard their health without sacrificing taste. In turn, end customers search the web for informative content about the Mediterranean diet and the products to be associated with it. Alongside informative articles, consumers also search for advice on where to eat healthy foods and where to buy them.

Mediterranean diet on the international press, being a popular topic

[Every day, new articles about the Mediterranean diet appear in the national and international press, attracting the attention of increasingly informed consumers. In the above image, an example of Google News USA searching for "Mediterranean diet"]

Business opportunities

These considerations lead us to consider the business opportunities for food companies, including importers and distributors operating in the food and beverage sector. The Internet, which is widely used by consumers to obtain information, can represent a fundamental channel for marketing and selling Mediterranean diet foods. Taking advantage of this constant interest, importers and international distributors are able to offer authentic and genuine products to their internal market, in order to respond to this growing demand. 

Digital strategies (content marketing and storytelling, e-commerce, marketplaces, ads, etc.) facilitate B2B communication, marketing, product search and selection, and import/export procedures, allowing food companies to easily connect and participate in the distribution of high-demand healthy products included in the Mediterranean Diet.

Mediterranean diet: what are the most popular foods?

Balance and moderation are the two main aspects on which the Mediterranean diet is based. Not being considered a restrictive diet, the foods to be consumed are many and varied, combined in a balanced way, and eaten in moderate quantities. Most of the foods that characterize traditional Italian cuisine reflect the principles of the Mediterranean Diet.

Product and suppliers of Mediterranean diet foods

Pasta, legumes and whole grains, fruit and vegetables, olive oilwine, seafood, and a moderate amount of meat: these are the products that arrive on Italian tables every day and also represent those most sought after by consumers around the world who want to enjoy the benefits of the Mediterranean diet. 

B2B marketplace for Mediterranean diet products

Visit the Italian Food News marketplace and discover the typical products of the Mediterranean diet dedicated to suppliers, wholesalers, retail, and the food service sector. The marketplace is open to Italian food producers and international buyers (importers, resellers, and Ho.Re.Ca.):

Information for producers Information for buyers

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