The demand for Italian coffee continues to grow worldwide. This product is among the most exported and appreciated in the world not only for its undisputed quality but also for the tradition behind the production of this drink which is the symbol of Italy. 

The storytelling of the coffee ritual and its constant presence in the daily habits of Italians contributes to the success of the product, increasing sales opportunities even beyond borders. Let's see below the latest import-export data and how importers and distributors worldwide can select the right coffee brand to bring the experience of authentic Italian coffee to their internal market.

Italian coffee in the world: export data

According to ISTAT data for 2021, Italian coffee exports have reached a value of over 1.5 billion euros, registering a growth of +16% compared to 2020 and +12% compared to 2019. The countries of the European Union are the major exporters, accounting for 60% of exports (Germany, France, Poland and Greece are the countries from which most of the requests come). On the other hand, looking at exports outside the EU, the countries that mostly import Italian coffee are the United States (over 100 million euros), Russia (80 million), and the United Kingdom (62 million).

2021 Italian coffee export data

This constantly growing trend represents a stimulus for Italian coffee producers who want to penetrate or strengthen their presence in the foreign market, but also for importers, distributors, and food service suppliers.

How to propose Italian coffee in international markets

To make your products stand out, it is necessary to promote them by illustrating to potential customers the authenticity and strengths of the brand, not only from a qualitative point of view but also by considering visual elements (like packaging and promotional materials). For this purpose, communication strategies and brand storytelling play an important role, as well as the communication channels used for the presentation of products, can influence the choices of resellers as well as end consumers.

Producers, therefore, must be able to make communication tools available to importers capable of expressing the personality of the brand. In this way, it will be easier for importers and distributors to offer Italian coffee to their national market, which can attract the curiosity of both retailers and end customers with greater incidence. 

In the next paragraphs, we will examine a  success story relating to an Italian artisan coffee producer: Caffen, a brand with over 60 years of activity specializing in the production of expertly roasted coffee blends according to the ancient Neapolitan tradition.

The success of Neapolitan espresso coffee 

To gather support both in Italy and abroad, Caffen has focused everything on two key aspects: the highest quality and artisanal production. And this is what emerges in every communication and branding effort used to promote the products. From catalogs, through packaging, to content marketing published online.

By adopting communication and marketing tools, it is possible to focus on the information related to the products, but also on the passion and the company mission, as well as the aspects that make Caffen coffee production unique. 

The message conveyed by the brand storytelling is that of a company whose history begins in 1955 in Naples. The story of a family that from the very beginning has shown a great passion for coffee and a strong respect for Neapolitan traditions.

Artisanal production is Caffen's flagship, which over the years has managed to bring a product with an unmistakable taste, to Italy and abroad, without sacrificing modernity and innovation. Past and present meet thanks to the experience with which the company selects the best qualities of raw coffee, and experiments with roasting techniques and coffee blends to guarantee a unique and easily recognizable finished product.

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