Italian breakfast foods are widely considered an emerging trend in many countries. Moreover, Italian breakfast is a "ritual" that is conquering the world, also thanks to travelers and food lovers who have the opportunity to appreciate authentic Italian products, but also because they are now largely available in cafè, hotels, restaurants as well as in retail stores and grocery shops. Simple, rich and healthy Italian breakfast is increasing in popularity, and so is the international demand for genuine Italian food from importers and distributors around the world.

The reason for the success of the Italian breakfast is also to be found in its nutritional characteristics: mainly composed of sweet foods, rich in carbohydrates and other valuable nutrients, providing the energy needed to start the day. Many studies confirm that Italian breakfast is one of the healthiest and most balanced morning meals, from a caloric and nutritional point of view, as it can bring significant benefits to the body. 

The consumer's favor has consolidated thanks to the excellence and quality of made in Italy food, even for breakfast, becoming a tradition appreciated and successfully exported all over the world. The import-export of Italian products, therefore, represents a significant opportunity for both food producers and international distributors. Below we will see which Italian breakfast foods are most in demand, both in the retail sector and in cafes, restaurants and hotels around the world.

Italian breakfast: import-export of traditional products

The typical products of the Italian tradition fascinate international consumers. Consumers are becoming more informed and prefer Italian food which is authentic, expressing the craftsmanship, the selection of genuine ingredients and the traditional production process. Italian producers who respond to this type of request can successfully offer their healthy and delicious products to the world market, collaborating with food distributors and importers

Before illustrating the foods that are most prominent in the Italian breakfast, let's see the business opportunities for distributors and wholesalers, supplying both retail and the food service industry. 

Italian breakfast and typical traditional products

In the food and beverage sector, the "Made in Italy" brand is a guarantee of quality. Importers and distributors can expand their offer, supplying their customers with a wide range of breakfast foods and selecting those that best express Italian tradition and craftsmanship.

Among different marketing strategies, it is a good idea to suggest to resellers, cafè and food service businesses to set up a dedicated space, in order to meet the increasing demand for Italian breakfast by end-consumers, and provide a sufficiently wide range of products.

Typical and favored Italian foods for breakfast

Alongside the most popular Italian espresso coffee and cappuccino (with many other variations), what makes the difference are sweets and bakery products. One of the foods that Italians eat the most for breakfast is the "cornetto" (also called "brioche" in the north of Italy). Plain or filled with creams or jams, this food guarantees the right caloric ratio and energy intake for the most important meal of the day.

Traditional sweets and bakery products in the Italian breakfast

The other favored foods which are often included in the Italian breakfast are as follows:

  • Italian bread, butter and jam;
  • plain or filled biscuits, to be served with milk or fruit juice;
  • cakes and other sweets that refer to the tradition of the different Italian regions, with the typical taste of homemade preparations (soft cakes, chocolate or fruit jam tarts, etc.).

B2B marketplace: breakfast foods from artisan Italian brands

Visit the Sweets and Bakery Products section of the Italian Food Marketplace. The online marketplace is available for international buyers (distributors, wholesalers, importers, resellers) with a wide selection of Italian products and brands:

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