Italian cuisine is among the most popular in the world. The typical products of the Italian tradition are now commonly used in many countries, as they meet the sympathy of consumers, thus generating a growing demand all over the world.

Why is it profitable to sell Italian food?

The popularity of Italian food certainly represents a great opportunity, both for the retail sector, which can intercept the consumer demand, and for wholesale distributors and importers, who have the opportunity to search for high quality products to offer to their national market (as well as for artisan Italian producers who can expand their market beyond Italy).

In fact, the sales figures for Italian food confirm such a growing trend (to find out more, read also "Record for the export of Italian food in 2021"). In order to offer a wide selection of the best Italian specialties to consumers and foodservice, it is important to know which products are most in demand and where to find them (from food distributors or suppliers available in your country, or by contacting and dealing directly with the producers).

Wholesale Italian food: where to buy online?

Below you can find a selection of products and brands offering wholesale Italian food specialties for international markets, as well as a list of suppliers, importers and distributors by country:

Which Italian food to sell?

In order to select the products to sell in their own national market, it is important for distributors and retailers to consider which are the most popular Italian foods and, therefore, the most requested by their potential customers. For example, the various types of pasta typical of the regional tradition (lasagna, ravioli, cannelloni, rigatoni, spaghetti, and many more), are certainly included in the list of favorites, and for this reason they cannot be missing in the selection of available products.

For those who work in wholesale food distribution, retail and foodservice sector, it will be essential to offer a choice of sauces and condiments for pasta, extra virgin olive oil, truffles, wine, and many ingredients needed for popular Italian recipes, which have now gained an international reputation (such as "Carbonara" pasta). Furthermore, it is possible to expand the market opportunities by taking into consideration special needs and requests, such as organic food or gluten free.

To facilitate product search (by distributors, retailers and foodservice suppliers), we have grouped the most requested foods into general categories, form a selection of high-quality Italian producers. Below, the categories and links to see the products available online in the Italian Food Marketplace:

In addition to the most common products, it is important to focus on regional specialties and typical products, with the aim of attracting retailers and new consumers who want to test and sell high quality food and wines.

Wholease Italian Food and Wine Suppliers: B2B Marketplace

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