The large choice of traditional Italian sauces and preserves, offered in countless variations depending on the place of origin, has made the true essence of Italian cuisine known to the world.

The conservation process and craftsmanship, carried out according to traditional methods, allows artisan food to keep all its freshness and authenticity. This allows you to prepare a delicius pasta, usually as a first course, accompanied by a quality sauce.

Precisely for this reason, the pasta sauces and condiments, made according to top Italian tradition, are considered unique and exquisite tasting products, capable of perfectly seasoning any dish, as well as enhancing its taste and flavor.

In the next paragraphs, the products most requested by foreign importers and distributors will be described in detail. A rich selection of sauces and condiments of undisputed quality and uniqueness, capable of satisfying the needs of those who love to eat Italian.

Pasta sauces and seasonings: selection guide

Italian tomato sauce is among the most requested products, without a doubt the best known and most exported all over the world, and much appreciated even by the most demanding international chefs. The Italian food market offers a wide range of tomato sauces, from simple sauces, to sauces prepared with the addition of other ingredients, which result in succulent flavors and variations.

In addition to the tomato sauce, greatly demanded all over the world and a symbol of Italian cuisine, it is important to mention other types of traditional Italian products that satisfy each and every palate and preference, and are also widely used abroad, such as pesto, creams and dry condiments.

What distinguishes them is, as always, the presence of top quality, fresh, authentic ingredients, which represent the genuine specialties of the gastronomic culture in the various Italian regions.

Vegetable-based condiments and preserves

Asparagus in olive oil, eggplant caponata, pickled capers, sweet and sour red onions, artichokes "alla contadina" are just a few of italian pasta condiments, which, through their unique taste, illustrate the sweetness and goodness of the land where the vegetables and herbs were grown.

Italian pasta sauces producers: tomato sauce, pasta condiments and seasoning

Other condiments and preserves to be enjoyed at any time of the year are the Neapolitan friarielli broccoli rabe, the "contadina-style" mushrooms, the mixed mushrooms, the sliced ​​aubergines, the roasted peppers, also excellent for preparing truly special appetizers and side dishes.

Calabrian exquisite ready sauce with black truffle and Tropea onion IGP is excellent for obtaining truly exceptional pasta dishes, in addition to our other ready-made sauces including, Truffle sauce, Norma sauce, Mediterranean sauce, Rustic sauce and a long list of artisan sauces.

Varieties of Italian pesto

Pesto is another contender among the sauces of the Italian tradition that we cannot fail to mention. Italian Pesto is available in various flavors, from the well known basil pesto, used to season tagliatelle or spaghetti, to the wild fennel pesto, to which we recommend adding a few tablespoons of toasted almond cream to balance the taste.

Italian basil pesto, genovese pesto for pasta

In the list of the most used sauces and condiments for pasta you can also find the Almond and Pistachio Pesto and the Sicilian Pesto. Other tasty variations are obtained by means of exquisite creams, such as Pistachio Cream, White Truffle Cream, Olive Patè and many more.

Dry seasonings for pasta and risotto

In addition to Italian fresh sauces, let’s not forget dry seasonings, equally tasty and essential for those who want to prepare excellent pastas and risottos. A wide range of sauce mixes, such as truffle, "Puttanesca", and even "Boscaiola".

Digital export as a driving force for traditional Italian products: matching supply and demand thanks to a B2B Marketplace

The current trend of the digitalization of B2B communication in the food & beverage sector has produced an increase in the matching between international supply and demand.

The choice of Italian Food News to offer a digital marketplace aims to give valid support to artisan producers, in order to strengthen their business and provide competitive advantages to producers and buyers.

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