The integration of agriculture and technology is a trend closely monitored by companies aiming to enhance efficiency, sustainability, and competitiveness. By adopting technological innovations, farmers and suppliers can optimize operations, expand their global presence, and maintain product quality. Simultaneously, technology and solution providers for agriculture can broaden their perspectives and keep up with the evolution of agri-tech.

Technologies like precision agriculture, hydroponics, and robotics allow for the optimization of resources, waste reduction, and increased productivity. Attending events focused on these topics offers the chance to meet industry experts, access new market trends, and discover new business opportunities.

Italian Food News is an official media partner of the AgriNext Awards & Conference 2024 and will be covering the event to provide key updates on the agri-tech solutions presented during the two-day meeting in Dubai.

AgriNext Conference 2024: innovation and technology for the future of agriculture

In this context, the AgriNext Conference, scheduled for November 13-14, 2024, at the Crowne Plaza in Dubai, represents an ideal meeting point for companies and professionals in the sector. This prestigious event is dedicated to innovation in the agri-tech sector, aiming to foster new collaborations.

The event will cover significant topics such as agricultural security, precision agriculture, sustainable practices, and other technological innovations. Additionally, it will feature experts, innovators, investors, institutional representatives, technology providers, and pest management specialists. This will ensure in-depth, content-rich discussions on the future challenges and opportunities in the sector.

Event Objectives

The AgriNext Conference aims to become a global hub for the agricultural sector, providing a unified platform for tech startups, SMEs, established suppliers, investors, and institutions. The event will offer a unique opportunity to exchange ideas, build alliances, and gain mutual knowledge. Innovations in hydroponics, aquaponics, greenhouse technologies, drones, robotics, and automation will be showcased, aiming to shape the future of agriculture through advanced technologies.

Additionally, sessions will be available to present innovative solutions and access market information, while also promoting sustainable agriculture. The event will provide spaces for discussions focused on agricultural excellence and meetings on strategies for optimal brand positioning.

The AgriNext Conference, organized by InternetShine Technologies and Next Business Media, represents a key meeting point not only for agricultural companies but also for technology providers applying their innovations to agriculture. This two-day event includes the prestigious Agriculture Tech Awards, insightful conference sessions, and an exhibition dedicated to the most cutting-edge solutions in the sector.

AgriNext Awards

The AgriNext Awards are a prestigious recognition honoring the achievements of professionals and companies in the agricultural technology sector. Divided into two main categories, "Excellence in Agriculture - Companies" and "Excellence in Agriculture - Leaders," these awards highlight innovation, leadership, and success in the agri-tech landscape. Participating in these awards provides the opportunity to connect with leading figures in the sector and share success stories on a global scale.

Information, schedule, and updates

The AgriNext Conference will be held on November 13-14, 2024, at the Crowne Plaza Dubai - Festival City, United Arab Emirates. For the 2024 edition, Italian Food News will be a media partner of the event.

To view the complete event schedule and get more information on how to participate, visit the website and follow the social media channels of AgriNext Conference 2024.


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