Cacciatore Salami PDO, an authentic representative of Italian culinary traditions, obtained the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) recognition in 2002, thus gaining a prestigious place in Italian gastronomy. Characterized by its modest dimensions, measuring no more than 6 cm in diameter, up to 20 cm in length, and weighing a maximum of 350g, this salami is the fruit of meticulous artisanal techniques, creating a distinctive aroma and sensory profile.

The positive resonance around Cacciatore Salami PDO is reflected in the latest data published by the Cacciatore Italiano Consortium. During the year 2021, production of Cacciatore Salami PDO reached a substantial milestone, totaling an impressive 4,485,096 kg. This marked a substantial rise of 12.9% when juxtaposed with the output of the preceding year. These quantifiable figures unambiguously demonstrate the sustained and unabated consumer fascination with this product. Moreover, the sales figures surpassed the €55 million mark, indicating a commendable growth of 5.3% in monetary value when compared to the data from the year 2020.

According to the analysis of the data disclosed by the consortium, Cacciatore Salami PDO has found space in various distribution channels. During 2021, 86.3% of sales took place through supermarkets and the retail sector, while the remaining 13.7% was destined for the Ho.Re.Ca. sector. recording a growth of 5% compared to the previous year.

Focusing on sales data, it's worth highlighting that 72% of the products distributed in 2021 were sold on the Italian domestic market. Nevertheless, the influence of Cacciatore Salami extends well beyond national boundaries, as evidenced by its remarkable performance in foreign territories. In the same year, a notable 28% of the total production was exported to diverse countries including Germany, Belgium, and Austria, thereby solidifying the product's resounding global allure.

The president of the Italian Hunter Consortium, Lorenzo Beretta, was satisfied with these important results, recognizing that the variety of high-quality salamis present in Italy makes the current numbers and their extent even more significant: 

Cacciatore Salami (Salame Cacciatore Italiano) is a product that meets the taste of a vast and varied audience of consumers. Fundamental to the achievement of these objectives was the work carried out by the Consorzio Cacciatore Italiano, constantly engaged in the promotion of programs to improve the quality of production in terms of safety, chemical/physical, organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of the protected product.

The history and innovation of Italian Cacciatore Salami

The origins of salamis trace back to ancient civilizations, with its historical roots intertwined in the annals of time. Historical records suggest that the practice of consuming this delicacy dates as far back as ancient Egypt. According to Food Anthropology, its inception can be traced back to the remarkable period of 3,000 BC, amidst the cultural tapestry of the Mesopotamian civilization.

In the Italian context, it was the Etruscans who played a pivotal role in introducing this genre of salami. Their expertise in hunting, coupled with a penchant for the rich flavors of wild boar and pork preserved through salting, marked the genesis of this culinary tradition. Salami, often paired with bread, evolved into the sustenance carried by hunters during their expeditions. Hence emerged the moniker "salami Cacciatore" (or "alla cacciatora").

Thanks to the Etruscans and, later, the Romans, this product spread throughout Italy. Thus, salami began to be produced in the houses of the peasants of central-northern Italy, to pay homage to the lords who hunted on their lands.

The Italian PDO Cacciatore salami, from its origins to production techniques

Today, Cacciatore Salami represents an Italian culinary excellence with a deep-rooted tradition. For the production phase, only Italian raw materials are used, in compliance with the traditional recipe: fine cuts of pork, salt, pepper and a touch of garlic.

The result is a salami which, after maturing for at least 10 days, has specific characteristics in terms of appearance, taste and chemical-physical composition. The dimensions are small (generally around 200 grams, but not more than 350 grams), the shape is slightly curved, and the consistency, although compact, is not elastic. When cut, there is a uniform compactness, a homogeneous ruby ​​color and the presence of accurately distributed grains of fat. The flavor is characterized by sweet and delicate tones, with no perceptible acidity.

Thanks to a choice endorsed by the Consorzio Cacciatore Italiano, the salamis are also offered already sliced ​​and sold in practical trays. This solution aims to provide consumers with an immediately usable and even more versatile product. In this way, in fact, this product finds its place on various consumption occasions: from a quick snack during a lunch break, to a delicious snack in the park, up to situations where time is a rare commodity and elaborate preparations are impractical. Sliced salami emerges as a speedy, yet nutritionally sound, snacking option, as they are able to meet the tastes and needs of consumers.

Salame Cacciatore DOP, together with its millenary history and modern innovation, continues to offer a tasty food experience to Italian food lovers.

The protection of Cacciatore Salami PDO: the role of the Consortium

The Consorzio Cacciatore Italiano was founded in 2003 and is committed with dedication and perseverance to protect, enhance and promote Italian "salamini alla cacciatora". All members of the consortium use uniform and distinctive labeling which makes the product easily recognizable for consumers. In addition to supervising the entire salami production chain, the consortium fights abuses, imitations, and counterfeiting, thanks to the commitment of the "supervisory agents" all over the world.

The organization also promotes programs to improve the quality of production in terms of hygienic-sanitary safety, chemical, physical, organoleptic characteristics and nutritional value of the certified product. The attention dedicated to the protection and improvement of the product has favored the diffusion of Cacciatore Salami PDO, positioning it as a gastronomic excellence appreciated not only in Italy but also in international markets.

This content was created with the collaboration of the Consorzio di Tutela Cacciatore Italiano.

President of the Consortium: Lorenzo Beretta
Headquarter: Milanofiori - Strada 4, Palazzo Q8 - 20089 Rozzano (MI)
Telephone: +39 02 8925901

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