Italian extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is widely acknowledged as a real excellence, renowned on a global scale. Italy, alongside Spain, stands out as a key player in the worldwide production and export of olive oil. Let's explore the opportunities for distributors and retailers of Italian extra virgin olive oil worldwide, as well as the criteria for identifying a quality oil.

Italy holds a significant position among Mediterranean nations, standing as the second-largest producer and exporter of extra virgin olive oil. It has become a recognized authority in the industry, ensuring consumers an unparalleled culinary journey. This emphasizes the utmost significance and exceptional quality of the Italian olive sector. The diverse array of olive varieties cultivated across different regions of the country imparts distinctive traits to Italian EVO oil, establishing it as a standout product on the global stage. The olive groves are meticulously tended to with devotion and adherence to traditional cultivation, harvesting, and production methods that have been passed down through generations.

In this article, we will see the crucial role of Italian artisan mills in producing and promoting Italian extra virgin olive oil. We will also present the activities carried out by FAPI - Consortium of artisan oil mills - to spread the excellence and authenticity of one of the products that best represent Italian tradition, passion, and culinary culture.

FAPI's commitment to preserving the importance and authenticity of the Italian olive sector

The Italian olive sector stands out for the importance and quality of its products, and a significant contribution is provided by the Consortium of Artisan Oil Mills (FAPI). This organization, founded in 2014, brings together oil companies that share common values ​​and specific methods of producing extra virgin olive oil. In this context, the professional figure of the Oil Master, a member of the Register of Oil Masters, plays a fundamental role, as he supervises and controls the individual production phases, from cultivation to bottling, in order to guarantee a  top-quality and healthy final product.

The activity carried out by the Consortium, therefore, is based on internal rules that aim to guarantee the production of high-quality oils, respecting the origin of the raw materials and the production techniques typical of each mill and the area in which they are located.

The objective of FAPI, in fact, is to provide a "high-quality system" for Italian extra virgin olive oils, by providing a useful service to market operators such as wholesalers, distributors, as well as end consumers. This system aims to create a new market segment within the "extra virgin olive oil" category, characterized by the production of artisan EVO oil which is compliant with all the Consotium's rules, directly produced and packaged in the mill, under the control of the Oil Master.

The Consortium is open to companies that possess the necessary scale to enable direct oversight of the production process by the Oil Master, thereby ensuring the safeguarding of the end consumer's health. This approach facilitates precise management of each processing stage and ensures prompt intervention to uphold product quality.

FAPI-affiliated artisan oil mills are equipped with olive processing facilities and have the capacity to package and market the oil extracted directly on their premises. The extraction process adheres to all relevant regulations concerning food hygiene, occupational safety, and environmental protection. To guarantee the product's identity, quality, and traceability, the Oil Master oversees warehouse and register management, milling, packaging, as well as the handling, use, and disposal of process by-products.

The FAPI mark: recognition of the authenticity of Italian extra virgin olive oil

The extra virgin olive oils that adhere to the Consortium's "quality system" are easily recognizable by the FAPI collective brand affixed to the individual bottles.

To use the FAPI brand, member companies must commit to: 

  • comply with the production methodology defined in the Consortium specifications;
  • apply the collective mark only on packages containing extra virgin olive oil that satisfies the criteria established by the production system and by the quality parameters;
  • allow the Consortium's control procedures in order to ensure compliance with the rules.

Moreover, the Consortium plays a pivotal role in both the production and marketing stages. During the production phase, it offers guidance and assistance to its affiliated companies, ensuring the proper implementation of the production system. This helps maintain the Consortium's image and reputation while guaranteeing product quality for consumers. In the marketing phase, the Consortium actively promotes its collective brand, aiming to foster the expansion of artisan mills in both domestic and international markets.

The FAPI (Consortium of Artisan Oil Mills and Small Businesses) represents a model of excellence in the Italian olive sector, uniting producers who are driven by a shared philosophy of producing extraordinary extra virgin olive oil. Their unwavering commitment ensures the preservation of the Italian olive sector's importance and reputation, offering consumers exquisite oils that embody the rich stories, traditions, and authentic flavors of different regions across Italy.

This content was created with the collaboration of FAPI - Consorzio Frantoi Artigiani e Piccole Imprese

President of the Consortium: Stefano Caroli
Headquarters: Via Appia Nuova n. 225, int.6 - 00183 ROME
Telephone: +39 393 8545298

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