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41 C.da Castelletta, Monte San Giusto 62015, Marche, MC, Italy

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La Pasta di Aldo was founded in 2001 in Monte San Giusto (Marche). The company produces handcrafted products according to the typical processing methods of the local tradition, with careful selection of all the  ingredients. Thanks to a perfect balance between semolina and eggs and a careful study of processing times, La Pasta di Aldo has specialized in the production of top quality italian pasta.

The company carries out a rigorous selection of raw materials and a constant improvement of processing techniques, in order to guarantee unique and versatile products. Each pasta shape is made using a different mixture of semolina, to obtain a soft and well-blended dough. The dough is cut and placed in special frames to allow a slow and natural drying at low temperatures.

In addition to devising authentic preparation methods respecting craftsmanship and tradition, the founders of the company have designed and created some of the tools used for the production chain. One of these original tool is the unique machine used for the drying process and made up of frames and straws.

Certifications and Awards:

  • BRC Certification - Global Standard For Food Safety 
  • IFS Certification - International Food Standard
  • Gambero Rosso First Prize in 2010 and 2020
  • First Golosario Prize in 2011
  • Platinum Award 2017 e 2020 - Merano WineFestival Commission
41 C.da Castelletta, Monte San Giusto 62015, Marche, MC, Italy
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