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Tuna Tomato Sauce And Wild Fennel

Tomato sauce with tuna flavoured with wild fennel, garlic, ...

Trapanese Pesto With Red Nubia Garlic

Pesto of dried tomatoes, almonds and basil according to the ...

Trapanese Pesto With Avola Almonds

Pesto sauce made with basil, Sicilian almonds and basil

Tomato Sauce With Spiced Clams.

Traditional sauce enriched with spices and traditional ...

Tomato Sauce With Red Shrimps From Mazara

Tomato sauce enriched with red shrimps from Mazara Del ...

Tomato Sauce With Grouper & Sicilian Olives

Traditional tomato sauce enriched with grouper and Sicilian ...

Tomato Sauce With Amberjack And Eggplants

Traditional tomato sauce enriched with amberjack and fried ...

Tomato Sauce With “Olives Nocellara Del Belice Dop”

Tomato sauce with “olives Nocellara del Belice DOP”, ...

Swordfish With Lemon Pesto

Swordfish pesto flavored with lemon

Sweet Cream With “Cioccolato Di Modica Pgi”

Sweet cream milk based without palm oil, with "Cioccolato ...

Sicilian Pistachio Pesto

Pesto obtained by selection of best Sicilian and foreign ...

Sicilian Pesto With “Pecorino Siciliano Pdo”

Typical Sicilian pesto made with basil and “Pecorino ...

Sicilian Orange Marmelade

Traditional Sicilian orange marmalade

Sicilian Green Olives

Green olives of fine Sicilian cultivar Nocellara del ...

Sicilian Cherry Tomatoes With Fresh Basil

Semidried cherry tomatoes in oil with fresh basil.

Sea Urchin Tomato Sauce

Sauce from the Sicilian tradition using tsea urchins and ...

Sauce With Red Shrimp Of Mazara

excellent sauce, with delicate Mazara red shrimp and tasty ...

Salt With Truffle

Sicilian salt with flakes and truffle aroma.

Ricotta And Chocolate Sweetness

Delicious ricotta and chocolate cream

Red Pesto With Fresh Sheep Ricotta Cheese

Typical sicilian red pesto made with tomato, fresh sheep ...

Pistachio Sweetness

Delicious Pistachio sweet cream

Pistachio Sweet Cream With “Pistacchio Verde Di Bronte Dpo"

Sweet cream milk based without palm oil, with “Pistacchio ...

Pistachio Pesto With Sicilian Pistachio

Typical sicilian pesto with sicilian pistachio, extra ...

Pistachio And Shrimps Pesto

Preparation of chopped pistachios together with shrimp and ...

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